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Now you want to know where your token is. Well we’ll show you how to claim your tokens and specify a wallet to send them to.

So you’ve contributed to Omnitude — that’s awesome, thanks for joining us!

STEP 1 :

Login to Omnitude at and go to your dashboard. You will see the volume of tokens on your dashboard.

STEP 2 :

Go to the ‘Buy Tokens’ section

You will see a table like the one below image with a claim button.

STEP 3 :

Upload the documents for your KYC.

We require images in .jpg format and to be clearly scanned. We need the following for a KYC check :

  1. ID Front — photo area
  2. ID Back — the back of ID, this helps us ensure its a legit ID
  3. Proof of address — A recent utility bill with your name and (recent) address

STEP 4 :

Once completed the KYC will remain pending until the KYC has been validated by our expert team, whilst we’ve given them as much coffee as we can they are still only able to validate at a human speed so best grab a drink and relax whilst this process is going on.

Once you’ve finished your beverage of choice and the KYC is complete you will be able to claim your tokens and specify an ERC20 compatible wallet — HUZZAH!

If you have a wallet that needs a contract address fear not, the following guide will help –

Contract address

You’ll be able to see the status as follows:

Once you’re all done you’ll see you now have claimed tokens


Thank you so much for being part of the pre-sale and joining the community.

We hope you will return for the main sale starting March 28th 2018

Omnitude — It’s everything

SECURITY NOTE: We will never ever PM you asking you to deposit to any address and all contributions are made via our token sale platform which will be to your dedicated address.

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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