Introducing the Ink Protocol Developer Portal and Gitter Community!

Introducing the Ink Protocol Developer Portal and Gitter Community!

Easily build apps, tools, and entire marketplaces on top of Ink Protocol. Ink will handle the entire transaction, including payments, dispute mediation, and reputation.

Hi everyone! Today we are formally introducing our new Ink Developer Portal (previously announced during our TheGobOne live stream — which has a lot of great content you should also check out)!

Check it out —

The goal of the developer portal is to provide a single place for any developer or partner to get up to speed quickly and start building great apps on top of Ink Protocol. It is a work in progress, but already contains everything you need to get started right away. Future updates may include things like sample code, APIs, showcasing apps from other developers, and more.

Gitter Community

We have also set up a Gitter Community where you can come chat with our developers about using Ink Protocol. Feel free to hop in and ask technical questions about the code or using Ink Protocol in your own projects. This community is for technical discussions only, but our regular telegram channel is available for other types of discussions.

Technical Discussion on Gitter —

As Ink Protocol grows, we think the developer community will play a huge role in deciding what cool things are getting built. We are working hard on partnerships and large scale integration, but often times the greatest apps are built form scratch from individual developers. So, if you have an idea.. definitely reach out and start chatting with us. We can help get you up to speed right away!

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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