FlipNpik: A Platform Dedicated to Strengthening Local Businesses

FlipNpik: A Platform Dedicated to Strengthening Local Businesses

Local businesses are struggling to compete with large retailers and e-commerce giants. These local shops rarely have the capital or organizational resources needed to compete on pricing or convenience. An innovative solution is therefore required to allow them to maintain a competitive edge. In order to succeed, local businesses will need a new system to leverage social media to their advantage. They need a way to beat large retailers at their own game.

FlipNpik’s new blockchain-based platform provides a way to accomplish this goal. By bringing users, businesses and service providers together, the platform will create a symbiotic relationship that benefits all participants. This model monetizes word-of-mouth advertising and provides a marketplace for local marketing contributions. Local businesses benefit from increased visibility, while users can more easily support them, generate earnings and benefit from promotions and incentives along the way.

Introducing FlipNpik

At its heart, FlipNpik is a way to bring together all levels of the local economy. Studies have shown the economic advantage of shopping at local stores over large retailers. By driving business back to these small retailers, communities can see a noticeable increase in the entire ecosystem. The problem lies in providing an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that provides local businesses with the same marketing ability as large retailers. FlipNpik intends to do just that with their 360° Collaborative Model for social media.

Social media is a powerful tool for business marketing, and FlipNpik will ensure that local businesses have the tools they need to succeed therein. Businesses can use their platform to hire service providers like graphic artists, copywriters and marketing personnel to craft tailor-made solutions for their social media presence. Users can help spread the word about local shops, recruiting their friends while spreading word of mouth. In turn, businesses can offer exclusive promotions and a digital local marketplace for their customers.

To bring the FlipNpik platform to life, CEO Henri Harland has brought together a strong team of industry professionals.

  • Henri Harland himself is a veteran of many publicly listed companies, and a former finance professor at both HEC Montreal and Université du Québec.
  • President Richard Marganne previously acted as COO of the Oleosea Company and CEO of Gobet Rütschi.
  • Their CTO Serge Helou worked with L’Oreal to establish their e-commerce presence and first digital loyalty program.
  • Jessica Nguyen Hoang serves as their Director of Business Development, previously working with TP Publicité SA.

The FlipNpik Ecosystem

FlipNpik has developed their own mobile app for Android and iOS that allows users and businesses alike to join the Flip Ecosystem. Users that access the app will be presented with a geo-localized directory of businesses in their area. Should the user choose to identify their interests and preferences, their newsfeed will be populated with relevant promotions from local businesses. They can then access the internal marketplace, where local shops have the ability to sell their products in an easy, digital manner.

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