KYC Process Opens for Cardstack Token Generation Event

KYC Process Opens for Cardstack Token Generation Event
Starting May 10, 2018 only on
Dear Cardstack community,
We are pleased to announce that the KYC process for the Crowd Fundraiser (Batch C) of the Cardstack Token Generation Event (TGE) will start next Thursday, May 10, 2018. The date of the TGE will be announced imminently.
The KYC and whitelisting process for our TGE will be conducted on a web app on powered by the Cardstack Hub, our data orchestration layer that enables Cardstack’s vision of seamless on and off-chain interoperability. If you participate in our TGE, you will experience the Cardstack software first-hand and interact with the minimal viable product (MVP) built on Cardstack. We plan a lot more improvements on the user experience and the plug-ins, but this is an important first step.
We will reach out to everyone who has signed up for our mailing list or interest list with detailed instructions shortly. You will be able to sign up and log in to the KYC/whitelisting application on once you receive an email. The earlier you signed up on our lists, the earlier you will be able to sign up and begin the KYC process. Be sure to check your spam box.
We hope you share our excitement about this step of running our TGE on production software built on the Cardstack architecture. Thank you for your continued support.
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