Spotcoin’s Airdrop of SPOT for SWTH token holders — keeping it in the family

Spotcoin’s Airdrop of SPOT for SWTH token holders — keeping it in the family

This Monday, May 28th, we’re airdropping free SPOT tokens to Switcheo’s SWTH token holders. It’s part of our mission to make digital currencies work for everyone, and we start by providing simple liquidity to the NEO family. Switcheo is in several ways a chip off the same block. Switcheo, like SPOT, runs on the NEO blockchain. Like Spotcoin, it is committed to making NEO and its NEP-5 standard tokens easily available to all. Unlike Spotcoin, it doesn’t trade between fiat and digital currencies.

Quick to see the NEO potential

Switcheo was quick to recognize the great potential of the NEO blockchain, with its superior transaction per second (TPS) rate. There were several NEP-5 tokens launched and many more in the pipeline, when Switcheo participated in the first City of Zion’s NEO dApp challenge and clinched the 1,350 GAS prize.

Switcheo became the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on the NEO platform, providing easy trading between the NEP-5 tokens, and its future plans include enabling swaps for QRC20 tokens on the QTUM blockchain and ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This way, Switcheo is instrumental in the easy flow of digital assets on the NEO blockchain.

Like Switcheo, the future Spotcoin digital exchange will list all NEP-5 tokens, for free.

Participate in the SPOT for SWTH airdrop in under a minute:

1) Join our Telegram group

2) Go to and register or login to your account.

3) On Monday at 6pm (GMT+4), login to fill out the Spotcoin airdrop pop-up with your Telegram name and the NEO address where you hold your Switcheo (SWTH) tokens.

Your SPOT will be delivered to the same NEO address once we’ve completed our post-ICO third-party audit.

NEO and all its Nephews (or should we say, ‘NEP5ews’?)

The NEO family just keeps on growing, and we’re excited about it. At a time when the knee-jerk reaction for ICOs was to go with Ethereum, Spotcoin made a very conscious choice for NEO. We never looked back. With its core value of transparency and pro-regulation stances, its brilliant core developers like our very own Joshua Chen and superior TPS, NEO is the most future-proof blockchain.

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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