UBCoin ICO — Ubank Application With 2.5M Users Adds Crypto

UBCoin ICO — Ubank Application With 2.5M Users Adds Crypto

UBCoin is currently running an ICO to implement an existing product Ubank into a blockchain based product.

This will bring in a user base of 2.5M users into the crypto economy, which will be a massive boost of potential new crypto users.

The UBCoin application with create a decentralized market place where users can buy and sell products for crypto or cash, and this will be implemented into the Ubank application.

UBCoin has a working product since 2006 and has many big name companies involved including Samsung, Nokia, and LG just to name a few.

UBCoin has some of the best rankings possible on the ICO tracking websites, mostly because they have an existing product along with a big transparent team who have the experience and resources to make this project successful.

Here is a short video explaining how the UBcoin market works:

The UBCoin ICO is running until the 14th July 2018 and the final stage pricing of the tokens is 1 ETH = 8000 UBC tokens.

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Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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