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0.5 ETH (~300 USD): BandZ ~Writing Contest!

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BandZ has sponsored a writing contest here on Medium!

Start Date: June 5th

End Date: June 15th

Prize Pool: 0.5 ETH

1st Place: 0.2 (~120 USD)

2nd Place: 0.15 (~90 USD)

3rd Place: 0.1 (~60 USD)

4th Place: 0.05 (~30 USD)

1. Write an article about BandZ on Medium.

2. Reply with a link to your article in the comments below.

3. In your reply leave an ETH address so we can send the prize if you the winner.

Note: Winners will be announced along with transaction ids as proof of payment! Please make sure all your written work is original and not copied. Articles should be at least 300 words in length. If you do copy something, please ensure that it is in quotes!

What is BandZ?

The internet created the blockchain, and now the blockchain will recreate the internet!

BandZ is an extranet infrastructure. BandZ will enable the decentralized sharing of bandwidth/internet!

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Users will be able to share their internet to earns BandZ tokens, and then use those same tokens to buy internet from others. A global free marketplace for internet exchange.

BandZ will also have internet services available such as VPN tunneling, rotating IPs, and WebRTC services.

The Internet Market

The internet market has grown by leaps and bounds. There are a multitude of choices when it comes to going online in the developed world. The same does not hold true for less developed countries. A clear disconnect is visible — unequal pricing and lack of availability based on geographical location.

BandZ aims to eliminate unfair pricing and inequality when it comes to connecting to the web! By decentralizing bandwidth, they are opening up the doors for people to have the power to choose how they want to interact with the internet.

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BandZ users will be able to freely travel the world and have access to the local internet market. They will be able to buy bandwidth from local users with BandZ they earn from sharing their internet in their own locality!

BandZ Community & Bounty

If you want to learn more about BandZ, visit the BandZ Telegram group!


The BandZ airdrop is live!

It will start June 8th!

Visit the bounty page: HERE

More Information & Resources:

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