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DCC Weekly Update — July 23, 2018

DCC Around the World — Oxford, Silicon Valley and Hanoi

DCC and Oxford Saïd establish academic partnership to cultivate blockchain research

DCC has collaborated with The University of Oxford’s Saïd School of Business to create the DCC Career Development Fellow, supervised by Alan Morrison, Professor of Law and Finance at Saïd Business School.

Funded by DCC, this new fellowship research program will foster insights into the fintech sector, focusing on the regulation and governance of cryptocurrency and the application of blockchain technology in the banking and finance industry.

Stewie Zhu, founder and CEO of DCC, is an alumnus of Oxford and has an MSc in Financial Economics (2009).

Blockchain Summer Cocktails with DCC in Silicon Valley

On July 19, DCC hosted Blockchain Summer Cocktails: the Intersection of Innovation and Banking at Plug and Play’s (PNP) headquarters in Silicon Valley. The event kicked off with a signing ceremony where Stewie Zhu, founder & CEO of DCC, and members of PNP including Peter Xu, President of PNP China and Alireza Masrour, Managing Partner of PNP Ventures, came together to cement the ecosystem partnership as DCC officially joins PNP’s global community of innovative startups.

Following the signing ceremony was a ‘fireside chat’ between Stewie Zhu and Scott Robinson, founder and VP of Plug and Play FinTech. They discussed how blockchain technology could transform the financial industry, help prevent the next financial crisis, and shape the business pattern of venture capital.

DCC at Southeast Asia Blockchain Application Summit in Vietnam
On July 28 and 29, DCC will be hosting the Southeast Asia Blockchain Application Summit in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Southeast Asia is a strategic component of DCC’s global expansion plans, and is a region open to tech innovation where governments provide strong support for startups in the fintech industry.

This event will feature discussions on the development and application of blockchain technology, as well as regulatory issues. Participants from governments, corporations and educational institutions will be able to share opinions and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next few days!

Community News

  • On July 22, Stewie joined Candy on Crypto, an influential blockchain-focused blog, and talked about the development, risks and recent crisis of P2P. During the livestreaming session, he also shared DCC’s roadmap with millions of followers.

  • BitExpress, our DCC-based DApp, has launched multiple promotional campaigns. By verifying ID information or initiating a crypto loan, users can get DCC tokens as a reward. Over the weekend, Cipher Tang, CTO of DCC and leading developer of BitExpress, held a Q&A session with community members and helped them navigate the DApp. He also provided the latest updates on DCC’s tech developments.
  • During BlockChain Week in Seoul, the DCC team met with several industry leaders and corporate partners. We explored the application of blockchain in finance, credit and data security. Thank you to those who attended for all the great ideas and inspiring thoughts! We continue to make progress on developing a more inclusive ecosystem for financial service providers around the world.

  • Our VIP Program for Korean investors, 딕싸를 찾습니다, is still accepting applicants! Please click here to apply. This program provides tons of perks, including DCC souvenirs, meetup early registration, and dinners with Stewie Zhu.
  • Also, don’t miss the online contests jointly hosted by DCC and TokenBank: 
    Find out more at : https://tokenbank.co.kr/notice/166 and https://www.tokenbank.co.kr/notice/164.

Tech Developments

  • We are developing the IPFS-based framework for personal data management for the DCC ecosystem.
  • The smart contract for personal data management is also under development. Users can use this smart contract to manage their IPFS data.
  • The latest version of BitExpress is now available! In this version, we’ve improved the transaction logic. Users can cancel or edit transactions, and will thus have a smoother experience using the platform.
  • Last week, users submitted over 1,000 loan applications on BitExpress. Over 300,000 DCC tokens have been awarded to users who participated in mining.
  • BitExpress will be pushing notifications when a new version becomes available. Please always make sure that you’re using the latest version to enjoy the best experience!
  • The English version of BitExpress will be available by the end of July. During the roadshow in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we’ll be showcasing this DApp.
  • Now, our partnering data service providers are developing a customized verification process for local users, and loan services of fiat money will soon be available in Vietnam.
  • The DCC Open Platform will launch individual data service packages starting next week. Lending institutions can render data verification services independently, without going through complicated processes or undertaking compliance risks.
  • We’re connecting DCC’s database with data service providers in Indonesia, helping to expand our reach!
  • The development team is working to finalize the mobile phone purchase platform — this will make online purchasing a breeze!

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