How is Playrs aiming to revolutionize the football industry

How is Playrs aiming to revolutionize the football industry

For the thousands of you that have been reading our various blog posts throughout the 2018 World Cup, some may be wondering what exactly Playrs is aiming to do. Allow us to give you all the exciting information at our disposal regarding the revolutionary footballer evaluation platform that Playrs is creating.

Playrs aims to be the first and last word in the real-time valuation of professional footballers. How? Using a three-pronged system consisting of football data and statistics, the marketing value each footballer carries with them, and lastly you, the fans, will have a say in a players’ valuation.

Playrs prototype — view 1

Football data and statistics. Playrs have created an algorithm that will, in large part, take into account hundreds of statistical data points when calculating the real-time valuation of any given professional footballer. These statistics, good or bad, will be updated in real time as they occur. This means that when Jack Wilshire, wherever he will be playing next season, completes a 20 yard pass to one of his teammates, it will immediately be reflected in his player valuation. This real-time capability is just part of what makes Playrs goal so revolutionary.

Marketing Value. The marketing value attribute will also contribute to a footballer’s overall valuation in our algorithm. What does this mean? Players make a name for themselves on the pitch with their play, of course. But what about a players influence off of it? Superstars can attract massive crowds, impact communities, and change a club’s season in more ways than wins and losses or goals and assists. This metric will be part of Playrs precise calculation of a players worth. Look no further than the most recent big name MLS transfer- Wayne Rooney. While the exact figure has not yet been confirmed, the rumored $17,000,000 transfer fee D.C. United are set to pay Everton for Rooney is astronomical for a Major League Soccer club. Of course Rooney is a legendary player, but on the wrong side of 32, his transfer to the MLS and this transfer price are not solely performance based. Rooney will put butts in seats. He will be on every pamphlet. Every little kid’s jersey. The point is, a player brings more to a club than just their on-pitch performance and Playrs has every intention of including this marketing value as a part of their holistic valuation.

Fan Input. Last, but certainly not least, there is the fan vote. While the Playrs real-time player valuation will consist largely of the statistical data as well as the marketing value of a player, there will be a designated portion assigned to a spectator-controlled rating system. Playrs is well aware and appreciates the passion and knowledge that you, the fans, bring to the world of football and has no intention of excluding you from this industry changing valuation process.

Playrs prototype — view 2

We have set out to change the football valuation platform for good. Like what you’ve heard? Have any questions or comments? Let us know what you think! The journey is just beginning as we are well on our way to changing the way clubs, players, and fans look at the beautiful game.

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