PR in the Blockchain Space

In this episode of CRYPTO101, Matthew had an interesting discussion about a side of the blockchain space seldom seen. The idea of blockchain projects needing public relations management isn’t something many of us typically think about. I, for one, had barely thought about the usefulness a PR firm might bring to the space, but even just thinking about it for a moment the potential upside becomes obvious.

Many of the projects I became interested in over a very short period of time were difficult to research. Often there was conflicting advice, horror stories, stories of triumph, world-changing technology and life-destroying scams. All of these different facets to many different companies and projects were just scattered across the internet. It seems painfully obvious that these companies and ideas would greatly benefit from intentional, fact-based communications strategies — and not surprisingly, many of the projects in the top 50 cryptocurrencies and crypto assets are, in fact, represented by David Wachsman’s PR initiative.

David heads up, Wachsman, which is a public relations firm that deals almost exclusively with blockchain projects and startups. With a client base of over 90 unique blockchain projects and platforms, Wachsman has positioned itself to provide “strategies to engage global audiences.” Some of this work includes media relations, strategic advisory, crisis communications, and event production.

David was a tech entrepreneur himself, starting with a “laptop and a cell phone,” as he put it. He set out following his interests and gathering talented and dedicated people around himself with the intention of being the intermediary for these revolutionary new companies and the wider media. Wachsman now has over 100 employees working to bring the innovation and disruption of the blockchain space to the wider world in diplomatic and accessible ways. Wachsman is an example of an effective company in the blockchain space that has found for itself a niche simply by dedication and hard work.

One of the key takeaways from the interview was the rate of “failure” Wachsman has endured and accepted as a necessary part of the business. The way David speaks about these knockbacks and refusals from media outlets to publish stories about blockchain technology is both a great reality check and a testament to the important work being done. Wachsman’s philosophy is to present the innovation of blockchain companies with minimal hype; intentional language with very few adjectives. As such, only the fundamentals of the technology and potential innovation are being communicated with the hope those stories will be told. As Matthew found out, most of them do not get told.

In a world where sensationalism, fake news, and clickbait are ubiquitous because of their ability to draw attention and gather advertising revenue, it is refreshing and encouraging to know that Wachsman will take repeated “failures” in their attempt to have media cover their clients because they refuse to compromise on the fundamentals that we all know are set to revolutionise everyday industries.

It are these everyday industries that David sees as instrumental for widespread adoption of blockchain technology and some of our favourite projects. When people start relying on blockchain technology without realising they are even using it, that is when the revolution has really started to sink its teeth in. Groups like Wachsman are working in the liminal spaces that many of us (me included) had never considered, but their work is important because they are responsibly accelerating the spread of fact-based information about the blockchain space.

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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