RightBTC Add Utrum to Their Exchange

RightBTC adds Utrum OOT tokenRightBTC has officially announced that they will be launching the cryptocurrency Utrum on their exchange from July 12, 2018. RightBTC will also be managing an airdrop event for Utrum with three rounds. Overall, a total of 300,000 Utrum (OOT) will be available.

What is Utrum?

Utrum is a decentralized cryptocurrency review service. As the world of cryptocurrency grows, we are constantly seeing and hearing about new and impressive innovations. The problem is that many of the people who would find uses for these new coins and tokens are not well versed in the industry or in computer science. This means that potential fans choose to simply avoid the market altogether. Utrum is trying to change the landscape by providing a review service which lets people find out how useful a certain coin is through community input.

Utrum also plans to take their service much further than just reviews. They will also be encouraging people to partake in detailed investigations and educational guides. This way, people who are not tech savvy can still learn about coins and easily figure out how to take advantage of them. When users create detailed guides, they are rewarded with OOT tokens. This helps to incentivize the community and improve the quality of content.

The platform is decentralized and transparent, meaning that people can trust the validity of the claims being made. If a company tried to sneakily write their own reviews for a coin, it would be noticeable due to the transparent nature of the service. Fraudulent behavior is also curbed through the use of Utrum’s Machine Learning Reputation system. Their roadmap states that the alpha version of their service should be available in the Q4 2018, and the beta in Q1 2019.

RightBTC’s Utrum airdrop

RightBTC is planning an airdrop to correspond with their listing of Utrum. The event will involve three separate rounds, with 100,000 OOT available per round.

The first round begins on July 12, the second round is on July 30, and the third round is on August 17. All registered RightBTC users will be eligible for this airdrop, and people who trade a minimum of 3,000 OOT will be awarded an additional 500 OOT.

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