RightBTC Announces To Add Utrum On Their Exchange

Crypto exchange, RightBTC officially announces to launch Utrum on their exchange starting July 12th this year. The exchange also intends to manage an airdrop event for Utrum with three rounds. Towards the end of the event, around 300,000 Utrum (OOT) will be available.

As the cryptocurrency world is evolving, new and impressive innovations are taking place. However, the irony is that a lot of people who can find uses for these new tokens and coins are not well versed in the cryptocurrency domain or even in computer science. The sad outcome of this ignorance is that these potential fans simply choose to avoid the market completely.

Utrum, a decentralized cryptocurrency review service is trying to change the landscape. It offers a review service which allows people to find out the utility of a certain coin via community input. Utrum plans to encourage people to participate in educational guides and detailed investigations. In this way, even non-tech savvy individuals can learn about crypto coins and thus figure out easily how to earn benefits out of them.

On creating detailed guides, users are rewarded with OOT tokens. This not only helps to incentivize the community, but it also helps in improving the quality of content. Since the exchange platform is transparent and decentralized, people can trust the validity of the claims that it makes.

According to an article published on CryptoDisrupt, if a company tries to manipulate and write their own reviews pertaining to a coin, it would be easily noticeable owing to the transparent nature of Utrum’s service. By using Utrum’s Machine Learning Reputation system, fraudulent behavior can also be curbed. According to their roadmap, the alpha version is likely to be available in the Q4, 2018 and the beta version in Q1, 2019.

Corresponding to the listing of Utrum on their exchange, RightBTC is also planning an airdrop starting July 12. The event will have three rounds, with 100,000 OOT available per round. The second and third rounds will be on July 12 and July 30 respectively. All RightBTC registered users are eligible for this airdrop. Individuals who trade at least 3,000 OOT will be awarded with an additional 500 OOT.

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