Silk-Road founder Ross Ulbricht starts Twitter campaign from Federal Prison

Convicted drug trafficker and former Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht has found a way to start sending messages out to his supporters from behind bars via a new Twitter account.

Ulbricht, convicted of money laundering, computer hacking, and conspiracy to traffic narcotics is serving two concurrent life sentences and is using the popular social media platform as a voice and to ask for support.

Since prisoners at United States Penitentiary, Florence High, where Ulbricht is housed, are not allowed internet access, the messages are actually coming from letters he has sent to friends and family.


His first letter, which serves as a verification of identity, can be seen here:

All of these letters will be available on, the official site of the Ulbricht family.

His first tweet expresses gratitude towards those who’ve already been helping him through “hard times”:

After only a few hours of the accounts first message, he had already gained thousands of followers and another message was posted:

The Twitter account’s description reads:

“A minute of your life could save the rest of mine. Please sign the petition for my clemency.”

While Ulbricht himself was not personally dealing drugs, both legal and illegal items were sold by individuals using Bitcoin as a means for payment on the e-commerce platform he designed and ran.

You can sign Ross Ulbricht’s petition for clemency here.

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