Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm - Bringing DLT Specialists TogetherOn Tuesday, September 11 the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm arrives at the Berns Salonger event center in the Swedish capital.

The event, organized by international coordinator of business events, Smile-Expo, is set to feature discussion on various topics which are relevant to the blockchain industry and aims to highlight some of the more prominent problems facing the cryptocurrency market today.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm - Bringing DLT Specialists Together

First political candidate in the world to only accept bitcoin

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm promises to feature some exciting discussions, and key speakers, including Mathias Sundin, a Liberal Party Member of the Swedish Parliament involved in both the Tax and Finance committees.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm - Bringing DLT Specialists Together

Sundin made headlines back in 2014 when he proclaimed he would only be financing his political campaign with bitcoin

“To promote the spreading of Bitcoin and increase the awareness of new political challenges, I will – as the first political candidate in the world – only accept campaign donations in Bitcoin.

If you want to support my campaign, you can’t give me dollars, Euros or Swedish Kronor, you must donate in Bitcoins,” he stated on his blog at the time.

Scheduled to address the power of decentralized systems and the long-term strengths they provide, Sundin co-founded the Warp Institute in 2016 and is on the board of directors at digital payments startup, Goobit.

Head of Digital and Innovation at Landshypotek Bank, Merete Salmeling will also be speaking at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm and will discuss how distributed ledger technology (DLT) can integrate with the real estate industry, and what advantages such a move brings.

Tanja Bivic Plankar is the President of Blockchain Alliance Europe, and as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) expert, she’ll be well placed to talk about ICOs, recent innovations in the token sale sphere, and discuss regulatory frameworks.

The 2nd crypto event in Sweden

Last, but certainly not least, is Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna, a Partner and Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland.

A lawyer, VC investor, banking specialist and author of 10 books on innovative processes, money, and technology, he will bring a wealth of knowledge to the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm.

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm will be the second crypto event organized in Sweden by Smile-Expo, with 40 successful crypto-related events held elsewhere in 25 different countries.

This event promises to be an excellent opportunity for blockchain companies and enthusiasts alike to learn from leading digital ledger technology experts and ask questions, so be sure to check out the details for the event on their official website, where you can also register for tickets.

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