New Bitcoin Cash Logo Unveiled at London Party

New Bitcoin Cash Logo Unveiled at London PartyAugust 1, 2018, will go down in Bitcoin Cash history, as a party being held in London’s trendy west end saw the unveiling of the new Bitcoin Cash logo to a collection of around 300 guests.

New Bitcoin Cash Logo Unveiled at London Party

The new logo is sure to ignite controversy, as the message seems to be that ‘Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin,’ which won’t go down well with some sections of the crypto community.

Great moment in the history of money

CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre described the celebrations as “a great moment in the history of money.”

The highlight of the announcement was a video package put together in the form of the classic Streetfighter video game series, featuring two characters facing off in battle. The characters were supposed to represent both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

No prizes for guessing which side won the fight!

With the new Bitcoin Cash logo unveiled, Ayre continued –

“I’m thrilled to see so much excitement for Bitcoin in the room because that’s what I want to share—excitement for Bitcoin.

As an Internet entrepreneur, I became excited about the Bitcoin cryptocurrency years ago when I saw its power to change the world’s money system and make it easier to do online business globally.

Years later, I’m even more excited because I see the Bitcoin blockchain can become the global public ledger of the future and power unlimited new technology capabilities.”

Continuing his speech, Ayre said “with the Bitcoin protocol locked, there will be a Cambrian explosion of innovation on top of the Bitcoin platform. Any mistakes made at a layer on top of the Bitcoin protocol can be more easily discarded and will have no impact on the underlying platform’s ability to be money to the world. The fact that application developers can rely on this secure platform not changing is precisely why they will have the confidence to build their ideas on top of it.”

Events also held in Paris & Hong Kong

Despite the London event seemingly being the centerpiece of the evening, there were similar events held in other locations, including Paris and Hong Kong.

During his speech, Calvin Ayre outlined what he believes is going to be a huge year ahead for the cryptocurrency

“We already know that there is a lot of development happening on top of the Bitcoin BCH platform. We expect tokens and steps toward first smart contracts by the end of this year. We are seeing unique business models being developed that take advantage of the unique abilities of the Bitcoin platform to reliably and cheaply process microtransactions, and to allow users to transact without trusted intermediaries.”

Calvin Ayre isn’t known for doing things quietly, and it’s safe to say that the unveiling of the new Bitcoin Cash logo is going to be something of a talking point in the weeks to come.

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