South Korean Blockchain Week: A Strategic Week for XCHNG

South Korean Blockchain Week: A Strategic Week for XCHNG

I mentioned in my other post the #HASHEDNight in Seoul attended at the Blockchain Partners Summit in Seoul last week and how we continued our presence during Korea Blockchain Week.

South Korea is incredibly important for the crypto and blockchain ecosystem as they are producing and backing the most innovative projects in the space. Earlier this year, Bloomberg listed South Korea as the most innovative country in the world for the second year in a row in regard to general innovation by country. The fact that more than one-third of the Korean population own a crypto token or coin speaks to the activity being driven by the country.

(From Left to Right: Henry Liu, CMO of Hybrid360, Hwisang Kim, CIO & Partner at HASHED, Aleksei Antonov, Managing partner of Suicide Ventures, Co-Founder of SOMN, Rod Jao, Co-Founder of Hybridblock, Zeyu Sun, Founding partner of Genesis Capital & Shuoji Shou, Founding partner of FBG Capital)

During the event, we had the pleasure of seeing Hwisang Kim, Chief Investment Officer & Partner at #Hashed, along with other well-respected individuals, speak on the topic, “The Rise of Crypto Funds.” If you’re not familiar with what #Hashed is, and what they have done in the past 18 months, they essentially started with a $600K investment and grew it to $250M during that time. Their success is due to their extreme selectivity with whom and in what project they invest. This is also another reason why the XCHNG announcement of #Hashed as lead in our private pre-sale is so critical for us in revolutionizing the digital ad ecosystem. It’s an honor to be selected by such a strategic fund.

After the conference and meetings, Breaux Walker (SVP of XCHNG) and I attended several additional events. In particular, the Binance event included the “who’s who” of crypto and blockchain, where we connected with leading projects and funds within the space and shared more about the opportunity to standardize transactions using a blockchain platform for advertising.

The blockchain space is more than noisy, and it’s difficult to differentiate the good from bad and/or scam projects. We are more than pleased (to say the least), to see XCHNG validated within the ecosystem with #Hashed leading participation along with other upcoming announcements. To find out, more please visit, join our Telegram or follow us on Twitter.

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