SWIPE Bi-Weekly Update: Hackathons, Summits, Pitches

SWIPE Bi-Weekly Update: Hackathons, Summits, Pitches

From left: Adam (CVO of SWIPE), Mark ( SE Asia BD Director at Wanchain), Andrew (CTO of SWIPE) and Georgie (BD intern at SWIPE)

Happy Friday to all! Once again, SWIPE is pleased to be presenting to you our happenings over the past 2 weeks in our BiWeekly update. A lot has happened so do stay glued to keep yourself updated!

28th July: SG100 Hackathon

Can you spot us?

SWIPE is proud to be part of the group of companies sponsoring the SG100 Hackathon, organized as a non-profit initiative by the SG100 Foundation, People’s Association, and Digital Makers Interest Group with the aim of promoting and educating the public on programming and financial literacy skills. During the hackathon, participants work together to build innovative applications.

SWIPE’s CTO Andrew giving a masterclass on blockchain technology

On the first day of the hackathon, SWIPE’s CTO Andrew Marchen organized a masterclass for the participants, educating them about blockchain, its use-cases and introduced how SWIPE is applying and utilizing the technology in our product. Andrew also gave a code demonstration and introduction to SWIPE’s data transfer protocol, where data is encrypted, stored on the IPFS and retrieved after an interaction with an Ethereum smart contract.

SWIPE’s CEO Clifford Lim is featured as a panelist judge for the hackathon on the second day, where the participants present their products/solutions they brainstormed over the past 2 days to the panelists.

SWIPE is proud to be part of an amazing hackathon to educate and empower the younger generation in Singapore, and hope that all participants gain value out of this event from their interaction with the myriad of startups introducing and sharing their expertise.

28–29th July: Bangkok Hybrid Summit

Featuring Sean, SWIPE’s CSO on a panel discussion about blockchain culture in South East Asia.

Members of the SWIPE team traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to take part in the Hybrid Summit, a forum dedicated to the education and adoption of blockchain technology in Southeast Asia. The conference invites financial institutions, universities, and leading blockchain projects to establish a forum where knowledge and ideas are shared, refined and incubated.

SWIPE is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the event. In addition, SWIPE’s CSO Sean Kuay also sat on a panel discussion, the topic being Blockchain culture in Southeast Asia.

Malcolm, SWIPE’s Marketing Director also managed to rub shoulders with many crypto influencers who graced the event. Many big names such as Datadash, Boxmining Daily, Crushcrypto, Mandy B and more were present to talk about the responsibilities of being an influencers and insights into how they became who they are today.

Datadash (Nicholas Merten) and Malcolm from SWIPE!

30th July: Bluzelle Partnership

SWIPE is pleased to officially announce our partnership details with Bluzelle, the leading decentralized database platform. SWIPE will be working closely with Bluzelle to build a database for SWIPE’s decentralized ledger system to securely store and utilize collected user data. Bluzelle’s technology is particularly suitable for enterprise-level blockchain products, as it utilizes swarming to resolve traditional scalability issues we encounter with blockchains. We are happy to adopt the Bluzelle protocol and look forward to our continued cooperation with them. Check out our full article here.

31st July: SWIPE Pitch @ BitTemple Pitch Day

Candid shot of the SWIPE team in action, pitching tirelessly to investors of all ages and explaining our technology to anyone who is interested

SWIPE’s CVO, Adam Tan gave an outstanding presentation to blockchain enthusiasts, funds and thought leaders who gathered in Singapore for BitTemple Pitch Day. For those unfamiliar, BitTemple is an international blockchain incubator dedicated to high-quality block-chain projects and has previously organized an event in Silicon Valley, USA. BitTemple actively facilitates technological innovation, idea and resource exchange, community building and more in the blockchain sphere. Dozens of funds, investors, exchanges, and advisories were present and SWIPE is very pleased to be among them, building bridges and exchanging expertise to improve the industry for the better.

Catch Adam on the Youtube video shown below, and a featured article by BlockAsia covering the event.

We hope you like our update! The SWIPE team is actively trying to meet as many people as possible while developing our technology and product. Things are going to get busier as we edge closer to concluding our Strategic Private Sale. Although we have not released our token metrics to the public yet, if you would like to find more and become an early investor, do register your interest here: https://swipecrypto.com/privatesale.html


SWIPE aims to create a network of apps that are able to work together to create valuable data as a collective, instead of relying on centralized intermediaries. As part of the network, all data collected will be aggregated, anonymized and encrypted. It will then be channeled into an analytics engine which packages it to be monetized directly to data buyers in a decentralized data marketplace. This process provides transparency to data buyers as they can trace the origins of the data, creates a fairer way for app developers to monetize data and empowers users by giving them full control and ownership of their data. SWIPE is invested by Kenetic, a blockchain firm that invested in huge blockchain projects like Zilliqa, ICON, and Bluzelle.

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