TRON community targets music industry with #OperationTronStorm

TRON community targets music industry with #OperationTronStorm 21212

The TRON community is on a mission – spread awareness about TRON [TRX]. Now, they have the perfect tool for it. Seedit, a TRON payment platform, just launched on Twitter, allowing users to send TRX to anyone using the social media platform.

#OperationTronStorm is a community initiative led by TRON users that seeks to extend the reach of TRX on Twitter.

Now, the community is sending TRX tokens to celebrities including rapper Kanye West, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and even Pope Francis!

The reason why they’re targeting such influential names? The plan is to get the word out about the cryptocurrency to as many big names as possible, thereby increasing awareness about the cryptocurrency.

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The community is specifically targeting the music industry to promote the idea of decentralization. With TRON, artists can get paid for every download of their song and evem set the download price for each track.

According to a blog post, #OperationTronStorm involves tip the coins to five of the user’s favourite music artists. The next goal is to tip the next five people, who should be individuals who are not currently in the crypto space.

“The reason we are asking for this specifically is because the goal is to introduce the masses to the world of TRX and music and entertainment professionals the world of true content ownership,” the blog post – written by TRON investor Curtis Kitchen – read.

In total, each user will tip five TRX tokens to 10 people using Seedit.

How does it work?

Once the TRX tokens are received on Twitter via the payment platform, one simply needs to log in to Seedit’s website with their Twitter log in.

The users will get a private key, which will remain confidential, thereby securing the funds received through Seedit.

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In a guide circulating on Twitter by TronSuperDogs, a TRX investor, holders of the tokens are encouraged to hold on to the digital coins. This is because the community believes that the virtual currency will “experience exponential growth in the near future.”

TRON community targets music industry with #OperationTronStorm-BCFocus

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