Aqua joins Hilton and launches Property Management based on blockchain

The consumer profile company, Aqua Intelligence has recently launched a blockchain based Property Management System to solve the problem of data silos and provide data clarity in the hospital industry, with the partnership of Hilton. Hilton Worldwide is a reputed hotel chain firm famous for its extreme quality of service worldwide.

The Project Management System aims to address two major problems that every hospital industry is facing nowadays. First, the increasing operating costs and second, the slow customer response time. The new blockchain powered system will solve the issues more efficiently when compared to other former scenarios.

The project suggests for building a single system will hold data of each part of the hotel management. Hence, the distributed ledger technology will help to get easy access a comprehensive data at any time. This will also lead to an efficient service to customers at a lower cost.

Aqua Intelligence CTO, Harsha Cuttari, shared his views on the same. He said that the blockchain technology can maintain clean and trustworthy records of customers’ data. This information will be highly useful to provide services as the choice and personal preference of customers, long before they actually check into the hotel.

The Project Management System runs on a SaaS platform that combines all part of operations under one user juncture. Hence, this will reduce the time required for processing a large pool of data.

Moreover, each individual customer data can be stored in separate files without the risk of losing them into the wrong hands. The company is sure that this will definitely win their customer’s hearts. 

Anthony Gelman, CEO of Aqua Intelligence has also expressed his happiness for this initiative. He has opined that the company is hopeful of clearing its flaws by implementing blockchain.

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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