Austria Tourism promotes Ad Campaign Using Ethereum Blockchain

The Austrian Tourism is growing its concern with Ethereum Blockchain Technology lately. Now it has set a benchmark by running an Ad Campaign powered by Blockchain Technology. The Austria National Tourist Office (ANTO) is backing up this blockchain pilot project. The platform will promote ad campaigns.

For this ANTO has partnered with Adbank. Adbank is a powerful online advertising platform build by using Ethereum blockchain. This project will surely bring a smile on the faces of advertisers. 

Advertisers face campaign frauds because of programmatic digital ad networks. Bots and non-human traffic issues are the responsible factors. However, addressing these issues by a secured and valuable network Blockchain is easy.

Speaking on the same, Adbank cofounder Angelo Dodaro said that Blockchain can help in promoting ad campaigns while keeping them safe from fraudsters. He also further added that advertisers can track the route of expense. They can exactly know where the money is going. 

imilarly, Michael Scheuch – ANTO’s Head of Brand Management also put forward his thoughts. To him, Blockchain Technology will provide a global perspective so as to change the concerns of today’s advertisement related issues. As Austria is a globally acclaimed destination for tourists, the decission will aid more towards its popularity.

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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