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World’s 3rd largest cryptocurrency exchange is all set to conquer the hearts of the MENA region.

On 24th and 25th October 2018, Dubai hosted one of the largest blockchain gatherings in the world, “ The World blockchain summit ”, in Jumeirah Emirates Towers. The summit featured the top names of the blockchain world and as foresaw, blockchain giant Huobi thought that would be the perfect venue to announce their arrival to MENA region.

“We are very excited to bring the Huobi blockchain and digital asset ecosystem to the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. As Dubai is leading the blockchain effort in the region, it made sense for us to set up our Regional Head Office here”.

An official communication from Huobi Group followed the announcement. As per the notification, Huobi MENA will build an ecosystem which will include OTC trading, token-to-token trading, blockchain projects incubation, community development, and an educational centre. A separate trading platform for Huobi MENA is already live (beta ver.)with Token-to-token and OTC trading options.

Huobi MENA also announced it’s intention to start partnerships with various regional players to offer MENA traders a safer, faster and better trading experience. As a start, Huobi MENA has already got into an agreement with AI Trader, who offer artificial intelligence based digital asset trading solutions.

The project will be lead by Mohit Davar and Sultan Bin Kharsham Al Ali who both are Co-founders and Directors. Mohit Davar is a payments expert and has worked in the industry for over 25 years holding top roles like CEO of Moneygram, CEO of Travelex, Strategic Advisor for Stellar.orgGlobal.etc. He is also the Chairman of the International Association of Money Transfer (remittance trade body) and also member of the ICA in England and Wales.

MENA — The untapped goldmine.

MENA Region (the Middle East and North Africa) consists of over 381 million people spread across 21 countries. This region is home to the largest oil-producing nations in the world. This region is also most prosperous in the world with countries like Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait always featuring the list of countries with highest per capita income.

It is a known fact that the MENA region has a very positive outlook towards Blockchain technology. Saudi Arabia( vision 2030) and UAE (Vision 2020) has made blockchain part of government growth vision itself.

One more striking factor of MENA is the presence of huge expatriates population. This gives a massive opportunity to blockchain projects to tap the remittance market (which is plagued by high fees and slowness) by providing cheap and affordable alternatives. Already Ripple has moved ahead with establishing partnerships with various leading banks in the Middle East to tap this market.

There was no wonder why Huobi MENA had chosen Dubai as it HQ. Dubai is already on its way to becoming “The World’s First Blockchain-Powered Government” by 2020 and Huobi MENA has started its journey right on time.

Huobi MENA is now live . You can set up an account at

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my opinion about Huobi Global . As always DYOR.

If you don’t have a Huobi account, You can sign-up using this link here !!!

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