Net Neutrality Killer Ajit Pai now eyes Blockchain to Regulate

Ajit Pai, the man who killed net neutrality in the US will now regulate Blockchain to effectively manage the telecom sector. He is best known for his rebelling role against net neutrality law enforced by Barack Obama’s government.  Considering the potential dependency of the blockchain on the internet, it is likely that Pai and the public ledger technology will face each other down the road in near future.

Pai is concenred about the potential impact of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum computing on the telecom sector.

Justifying his actions, Pai said –

“We don’t have jurisdiction over these firms, but that’s one of the things we are trying to learn about, What are the emerging technologies that will have an effect on this space and how should our thinking about regulation evolve.”

This chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is best known for his rebellious actions against the net neutrality law enforced by Barack Obama’s government. His actions as the nemesis of internet freedom powered local internet providers unruly and marked restrictions to their freedom of speech on the internet. Pai also wrongly cited cryptocurrencies as one of the causes for network delays on the internet and became an unpopular figure for technologists.

The law against Net Neutrality, is a potential threat to the crypto industry, cites the industry experts. That’s because, firms could be entitled to go through corporate censorship involving privacy compromise with their ISPs. Pai’s comments on blockchain come during a moment when regulators are susceptible about technology’s impact under a governed system.

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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