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User Testimonials: Why CoolWallet S?

Guest post by BitBoy

Hey guys, it’s BitBoy from BitBoy Crypto! I wanted to share with you all about my experience with the CoolWallet S and why I have made it the official wallet of my channel.

While you might have tried the Ledger, Trezor, or KeepKey, the CoolWallet S is a totally different animal. The first and most obvious difference is the look of the wallet. Honestly, when I received my CoolWallet S, I was shocked by how small it was. It is literally the size of a credit card and will fit easily in your wallet. I’ve heard people refer to it like that “credit card wallet”.

And you may be wondering if people actually carry their CoolWallet S in their wallets. The answer is Yes! And even in your wallet, all your crypto is safe… even if you lose your entire wallet. We will talk about the security of the CoolWallet S in a minute.

The CoolWallet has been revolutionary in terms of the look & shape and others have taken note. There has been a slew of copycats out there that have popped up with hardware wallets that look similar to the CoolWallet S, but as with most things in life, you just can’t beat the original. The CoolWallet S team continues to innovate and add more features including a feature soon debuting in which the wallet will be able to hold ANY ERC20 token!

Many people ask me about the durability of the CoolWallet S. The wallet seems to be flimsy at best. The screen is a tiny paper screen similar to that of a Kindle. The device is small and bendable. What many seem to think is one of the flaws of the wallet turns out to be one of its greatest strengths. The CoolWallet S was designed to be virtually indestructible. It can be bent, stepped on, dropped from a high distance, and even submerged in water… and still survive! Of course, if someone were hell bent on destroying it they could. But there is not much someone could do in their everyday life that would result in this wallet getting destroyed.

So what if your CoolWallet S does get destroyed or even stolen? Well, this is where the innovation of the CoolWallet S goes much further than solely shape and size. The term “Cool” in CoolWallet comes from the fact that this wallet lives somewhere in between hot storage and cold storage. Hot storage refers to something like a web-based wallet & cold storage refers to a hardware wallet.

The CoolWallet S uses both a physical device and an app for your phone. In order to send or receive crypto, you must use both the physical CoolWallet S card and the phone app. This is why if your CoolWallet S were to ever get stolen, no one could steal your crypto because they would have to have your phone as well to get to your app. And the CoolWallet S requires you to create a seed phrase when you first open your wallet. With this seed phrase and the app, you could restore your wallet even if it is lost, damaged, or stolen!

The “cool” storage allows you to make secure trades even while you are on the go. One time I was at a crypto conference away from home when there was a lot of movement in the markets. I wanted to get in and make a quick trade. Of course, I never keep money on exchanges so without my CoolWallet S I would have been in a really tough spot. However, since I had it with me, I was actually able to make a trade safely & securely while I was in the back of an Uber! You absolutely cannot beat that in terms of efficiency.

Overall, I would say the CoolWallet S is hard to beat. It’s my personal wallet that I use for my cold storage. However, when I got the wallet it was $189! Now they have literally cut the price in half and you can get one for $99. Seriously. You cannot beat that deal for the quality the CoolWallet S gives you.

Thanks for reading and clap it up!

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Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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