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Boosting Open Source Collaboration

FundRequest is more than a platform to fund projects. The blockchain initiative aims to provide the best experience to fund software issues and incentivise the entire open source community, by integration with GitHub.

FundRequest breaks down barriers traditionally encountered in the open source community, by providing a support layer between enterprise level support and no support — as open source developers often go-at-it alone.

The easy-to-use FundRequest platform enables users (projects/businesses) to fund issues without any coding knowledge. At the same time it allows developers to search for funded issues that best match their skill set to solve and earn rewards for doing so.

The funding of projects is made possible with the utility of the FND token and smart contracts, however rewards can be funded and paid in the projects preferred ERC20 cryptocurrency.

Additionally, collecting the reward is made very easy to access with the automatically generated Arkane Wallet for all users. The wallet is free and supports multiple blockchain networks, and can accept any ERC20 without any setup.

All wallets that integrate with the Arkane Network can be managed from the one interface. So as a developer’s client base expands, there is no need to set up new wallets and skip between 5 or more different screens to manage their many private keys, addresses and earnings.

The FND token also allows for decentralized autonomous governance of the platform, as the token rewards validated participation, as well as preventing gaming of the network. Users can vote on raised disputes to achieve a community consensus, which further ensures the paying client’s satisfaction, in that the work is done to the required standard.

FND rewards can be earned by FundRequest users who participate in the peer review who strengthen the system and network with their positive contribution.

True to the core tenet of the platforms concept, FundRequest is open source itself and often funds their own issues. You can see all listed issues on the platform by clicking on the ‘Browse’ tab on the homepage, and it will take you to all the requests by various projects here.

More info on how to get involved at, or join the community on Twitter for the latest updates, and be notified of new funded issues at they arise on the platform.

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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