Seagate to use IBM Blockchain to Tackle Counterfeiting Issues

In the battle against Counterfeit products, Seagate has joined hands with IBM Blockchain to efficiently track the lifecycle of its hard disk drives. The decision is the result of the company’s step to curb the increasing cases of its counterfeit hard drives all over the world.

As per the report, both companies have developed an electronic fingerprinting system which will allow Seagate to update IBM’s Blockchain on IBM Cloud with product authentication data based on the Seagate Secure Electronic ID (eID) at the point of manufacture. Similarly, there will be a clear reduction in data mutation or theft as Blockchain ensures data remains safe in several blocks at a time and cannot be edited by any single party without permission.

Moreover, the unique identifier will enable users to check the genuineness of the Seagate product from anywhere and at any time. Seagate will also employ Cryptographic Erasure Technology to produce a digital certificate. This certificate will ensure the maintenance of emerging global data privacy laws to be electronically signed by the device under the Seagate Secure Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Taking this opportunity, Global Managing Director of the Electronics Industry at IBM, Bruce Anderson stated that IBM is very optimistic about the recent partnership with Seagate. Stating further he said that both the companies have developed an advanced cryptographic product identification technology to curb the trading of counterfeit products all over the world. Additionally, the eID and Certified Erase Capabilities will ensure the efficient tracking of the products from their point of origin to sale thereby earning trust from customers at the same time.

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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