Top 5: Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers

The cryptocurrency market has been volatile to say the least.  When dealing with a rollercoaster ride like Bitcoin and altcoin trading, you need to have as much information at your fingertips as possible. As news breaks, traders and holders alike need to know the value of their coins and tokens at a moment’s notice. Having the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers makes this much easier. So, what are the best options available?

Here are the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers in the market.



For Mobile: Delta

delta best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers

If you’re most interested in tracking your portfolio on your phone, Delta is the answer.

Delta will allow you to track almost any cryptocurrency with its support for over 2000 coins. The app also offers advanced settings for day traders and a PRO version that lets users build 10 different portfolios.  

With support for over 70 exchanges it’s also pretty likely they’ll have your holdings covered. Also, allowing users to sync up to five devices, quick trading can be done from anywhere.


For Social Interaction: Altpocket

Users looking for a more social experience when tracking their portfolios will love Altpocket. Because it allows you to compare your holdings and positions to other users, an entire new social dimension is added.

Altpocket is certainly one of the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers in the market.  The tool also allows offers real time prices from your choice of a number of websites such as

The ability to create a watch list of upcoming projects is another useful feature offered by Altpocket.


For Tax Calulations: Cointracker

cointracker portfolio tracking software and the Cointracker app provide users with some great resources for trading cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency portfolio tracker syncs with all the major exchanges so you can view coins you hold on different exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, GDAX and Bittrex.

Cointracker provides a clear and convenient interface and can help you get your taxes done in minutes.


For Exchange Integration: Cryptagon

In the chaotic crypto world, Cryptagon brings an easy to use and integrate weapon for investors to deploy.  

While Cryptagon hasn’t been around for that long, it has one of the fastest growing user bases. More so, it has received sparkling reviews across the board. The app allows users to automatically import the coins they hold via wallet addresses while simultaneously connecting with Google or the user’s email address.


For Equity Traders: TabTrader

tabtrader tracking crypto holdings

TabTrader is ideal for traders that deal with more than one exchanges or trading platforms. The app even provides stock quotes so you can view crypto prices alongside your more traditional investments at once glance.  

The app will allow you to see cryptocurrency and blockchain news as well as news from the rest of the financial sector. Users can also add trading pairs to the tracker so users can track their holdings vs any of the other top market cap coins.  


Advantages for traders and holders

If you’re in the cryptocurrency space and trading on a regular basis, the use of a portfolio tracker is vital.  Even for investors who hold long-term these tools can make a huge difference.

The cryptocurrency space can be scary and comes with many complications such as volatile prices, confusing regulations, and costly tax implications. But, with some of the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers, trading can be made much easier. The ability to have all your holdings in separate workspace where research is only a few clicks from execution is extremely valuable and provides a calming context against the chaotic crypto backdrop.  

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