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[Dev Update] 2018–12–20

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Hi Mon-Seekers,

This story is to keep you updated on what we are doing, new features and ideas to make Etheremon better.

New Battle Arena (Draft version)

1. New Battle Arena

The new battle arena is to give a better game experience and to prepare for “move-system integration”. We are in the last steps reviewing the view. This will be released on the week of Dec 24th.

The move-system is a bit more complicated. We have the move list & design, but we are still thinking of a good way to introduce it in the challenge mode. We will have details & a timeline for move-system and challenge-mode soon.

2. Improve EMONT cash-out flow

There are 3 main sources that you can collect EMONT: quest, EMONT for each win & adventure hosting; you have to make several transactions to cash them out. We are about to introduce 2 types of balance: in-game balance & wallet balance. For all EMONT that you have collected, it will go to in-game balance; then you can cash everything out to your wallet in 1 transaction. This will be updated by Dec 28th.

3. Other things

These things haven’t been finalized. We are still brainstorming more. So if you have any ideas, please do let us know (on any channels below).

3.1 Tutorial view: this is to acquire new users & help them understand the game.

3.2 Control Mon’s inflation & value: we are thinking of burn-Mon-feature; focus on battle stats of each single Mon & special skins for a Mon.


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