Nano | Now available in Canada 🍁

Buy Nano on Coinsave

We’re announcing support for Nano on Coinsave for Canadian dollar pairing. Existing and new users will now be able to directly buy Nano for CAD on the Coinsave platform.

Connect bank account (left) and mobile view of CAD to Nano (right)

Nano on Coinsave

All new and existing users will now have access to Nano along with the following features:

  • Buying Nano with CAD
  • Selling Nano for CAD
  • Sending Nano to an external wallet (Early 2019)

To start buying and selling Nano click here

About Coinsave

Coinsave makes it simple for Canadians to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS and many other coins in Canada. Coinsave also offers a diverse set of financial products such as a cryptocurrency Top 10 index and auto deposit functionality.  Coinsave has never lost a coin and plans to keep providing a premium services to all Canadians.

To learn more about Coinsave visit us here or to signup click here

Buy Nano (left) and view of purchase receipt (right) Desktop view

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