CATO ‘s Founder & Lead Developer; Jeff: CatoCoin News 1/14/18:…

CATO ‘s Founder & Lead Developer; Jeff: CatoCoin News 1/14/18: Last week CatoCoin announced that we’ll be releasing major upgrades to the CatoCasino in February. The upgrades include the addition of several new & very engaging slot machines, Keno and Video Poker which is highly engaging.

In addition we’re in talks with other coins about adding them to the CatoCasino and turning the CatoCasino into a platform for all coins to expand our reach.

Finally, if you have not been following CatoCoin on Youtube please do. We have been releasing new videos every few days to expand our reach and increase exposure.

In addition, we’re thrilled to announce that our CatoCoin Movie on Youtube reached over 100,000 views last month.

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