EDCON Integrates KyberWidget To Accept ERC20 Tokens For Ticket Purchase

EDCON Integrates KyberWidget To Accept ERC20 Tokens For Ticket Purchase

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We are happy to announce that EDCON (Community Ethereum Development Conference), a global non-profit Ethereum conference, has integrated the KyberWidget, to allow people to buy conference tickets using a wide range of ERC20 tokens directly on the EDCON website. This integration demonstrates again how Kyber can be used to facilitate token payments for real world use cases, in alignment with the mission of Any Token, Anywhere.

What is EDCON?

EDCON is a global conference aimed at improving communication and collaboration among the various Ethereum communities, and to promote the Ethereum ecosystem development on a global scale. Previously held in Paris and Toronto, this year it will be held in Sydney, Australia from 8th to 14th April, with more than 1000 participants expected to attend.

Conference highlights include a 32-hour EDCON Hackathon, as well as the main three-day conference with core Ethereum developers talking about the latest updates on Ethereum research and technology, and with pioneers in the field sharing their thoughts on the current trends, projects, and applications. In addition, there will also be an EDCON ‘Fun Day’ — a one-day casual outdoor activity for networking after a week of hacking and workshops.

Enabling Ticket Purchase With ERC20 Tokens

Until now, EDCON has only accepted ticket payments in fiat via PayPal. As a conference that aims to promote Ethereum use cases globally, it is natural for EDCON to want to facilitate ETH or ERC20 token payments for conference participants, many of whom are Ethereum developers and community members.

By integrating with Kyber, interested conference-goers now have the option to buy tickets using ETH and more than 60 ERC20 tokens supported by our protocol, including DAI and TUSD. Buying tickets with tokens can be done conveniently on EDCON’s website, without needing to visit other platforms. The transaction is conducted on-chain, meaning the ticket purchase is fully transparent and at no point does Kyber hold the customer’s funds.

The KyberWidget is a powerful payment tool for ticketing websites of events such as EDCON and ETHIS (Ethereum Industry Summit), since the integration process is open and permissionless, and any website can implement it to accept a wide range of ERC20 tokens for goods and services.

How To Buy EDCON Tickets With ERC20 Tokens

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Metamask


3. Select Early Bird, Standard, Developer, or Student

4. Fill in the necessary information

5. Select Pay with Tokens, and click Submit

6. You will see a pop-up and after you proceed, you’d be directed to the KyberWidget

7. You can choose to make payment in ETH, DAI, or more than 60 ERC20 tokens. Click Next.

Congratulations! You have just used Kyber to purchase EDCON tickets with cryptocurrency!

Enjoy 10% Discount If You Pay With Tokens

To celebrate this integration, and encourage adoption of decentralized token payments, MakerDAO and Kyber will be supporting a 10% discount on EDCON ticket purchases if they are bought using ERC20 tokens. Only the first 200 tickets purchased will receive this discount.

For developers interested in the KyberWidget

The KyberWidget is designed to enable quick transactions of Ether and ERC20 tokens on websites (e.g. ticketing websites of events such as EDCON and ETHIS), thereby enabling users to execute basic token exchange functions without affecting the user experience of the website. There is no need for users to register prior to using the service, and the widget allows users the flexibility to swap directly from different wallets (e.g. keystore, Trezor, Ledger, private key, and MetaMask). We are excited to see more interesting use cases for the KyberWidget on other websites!

To install on your own website:

Visit the widget generator at https://developer.kyber.network/docs/WidgetGenerator/.

Just fill in the parameters needed, click Get Code, and copy/paste this in your web application.

You can also visit https://developer.kyber.network/docs/WidgetGeneratorGuide/ for a more in-depth guide on the parameter options you can specify.

To learn more about how you can integrate Kyber with your website, visit our Developer Portal, and join our Telegram Developer Group.


About Kyber Network

Kyber’s on-chain liquidity protocol allows decentralized token swaps to be integrated into any application, enabling value exchange to be performed seamlessly between all parties in the ecosystem. Using this protocol, developers can build innovative payment flows and applications, including instant token swap services, ERC20 payments, and financial DApps — helping to build a world where any token is usable anywhere.

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