Gab urges 850,000+ users to use Bitcoin

After being banned by Coinbase, free speech website Gab has shifted to offline cheque collection to accept orders for Gab pro for running the social network. Gab’s founder has been pro Bitcoin ever since the censorship issue started with Gab. In his latest move, he explains the Bitcoins to all the Gab active users.

The email reads,

If you want to support alternative media, your favorite content creators, and free speech on the internet you are going to need to learn about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is free speech money no bank, no corporation, and no government can stop you from sending and receiving Bitcoins. Bitcoin cannot be censored by anyone.

The emails also read, that the price of Bitcoin isn’t important but rather the idea of a censorship-resistant currency which can be used to support everything from individuals to businesses to governments.

To promote the use of Bitcoins among its users, Gab has sent out an email to all its active users (around 850,000) explaining the technology. Before the end of 2018, Coinbase blocked Gabs account and asked them to remove any holdings to an external wallet.

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