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This Week in Useful Tokens #11

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Useful Tokens were getting busy this week and starting off 2019 strong! Multiple companies are getting ready for this year by posting open positions, development updates, and roadmaps for 2019. Check out This Week and make sure to let us know your favorite project on this list.


This week saw Ethex put out several blockchain relevant articles. The first was part of a new 8 part series, where Ethex focuses on blockchain projects within specific industries. This week focused on social media and the companies that are looking to disrupt current companies by removing censorship and data control. Check out the full article here.

We also covered the top blockchain networks in 2019, and showed their benefits, main uses, and potential growth moving forward. This is an excellent article for those that have only researched certain blockchain networks, and for those that want to understand a deeper technical aspect of these projects. Make sure to check out this article here and give it plenty of claps!

Basic Attention Token

Brave released a series of statistics on their growth from 2018, and they were impressive to say the least. Some highlights from their report include:

5.5 million MAU

22% Speed Improvement

28,000 Verified Publishers

New Partnerships

Increased Privacy Relations

The full report can be viewed here.


Maker announced this week that they have been integrated with CanWork, a decentralized freelancer marketplace. You can now pay or be paid with DAI on their platform. If you are looking for work but would rather join the Maker team directly, they are currently hiring an events manager. Feel free to apply here and start your career with Maker!

If you are already happy with your job, but still want to learn more about Maker, then check out this article with “Head of Oracles” Mariano Conti. This was a great interview that provided plenty of great insight. Check out the full article here.


0x announced a new Market Maker scheme which allows high volume traders to gain more access to various markets within their ecosystem. They are also offering up to $15,000 for those that develop and run their own MM bot on 0x relayers. Check out the full plan here.

0x also had several platforms that were built on 0x go live or announce their immediate release. Veil, BoxSwap, and Pixura all announced their integration with 0x. Make sure to check these projects out on Twitter.

Request Network

Request Network released their 2018 yearly review, as well as announced several new hires and the vision for the company moving forward in 2019. Some highlights from this report include:

Team member growth

Partnership with PwC France

First version of Request Network on main net Ethereum March 30

Implementation of v2

Yoann Marion being hired as the new COO

Integration with more cryptocurrencies in 2019

New e-commerce plugins

This report had plenty of rich information, and this short synopsis does not do it justice. Definitely check out the summary here.


Dent announced this week that Indonesia has become the first country to use over 100 million DENT on mobile in a 24 hour period. This puts Indonesia alone at a 3 billion utility run rate per month. Along with this, DENT is also now listed on the Korean exchange Upbit. Keep up the good work Dent team!


iExec is starting a new video series, which introduces team members and allows them to speak about what they do for the team. This week features Hadrien Croubois. Check out his full video above.

Looking for work and speak/write Japanese? iExec is looking for a Japanese blockchain community manager. They prefer that you live in Japan, although it is not required. Feel free to apply here if this is a job for you!

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