Times Group Invests in Indian Blockchain Venture Ponder

The Times Group, an Indian media conglomerate, has made an undisclosed amount of investment in Ponder, a blockchain-based referral platform, for improving the referrals process using blockchain. The investment is made via Brand Capital, one of the subsidiaries of Times Group.

Manshu Agarwal, Ponder’s co-founder and CEO, has said that the investment will help it in introducing its services in India by leveraging Times Group’s media assets. The alliance also foresees an opportunity to scale up Ponder’s referral platform and boost its growth globally.

Ponder’s app is aimed at easing recruitment processes by referring candidates of a higher caliber. Moreover, the blockchain-based is claimed to ensure the security of user identity and data as well. The company also intends to ease the finding of referrals for all purposes such as business, education, etc.

Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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