13 percent of Online Shoppers Would Buy Bitcoin Using Amazon According to Survey

A recent industry survey conducted by Investing.com revealed that 12.7 percent of Amazon users would be comfortable buying Bitcoin (BTC) using an e-commerce platform. This could be assumed to be anything from an integrated cryptocurrency wallet to an Amazon-issued token.

In the last five years, virtual currencies have expanded all over the world.  As more users got connected to its network, new services have been created. For instance, to buy virtual currencies, one can go to a Bitcoin ATM or use an exchange platform.

Here is the question in the survey conducted by investing.com: “Which of the following product and service offerings would you feel comfortable purchasing under the Amazon brand?” In the survey, users had a choice to select more than one product or service.

Out of 100 percent, 72.9 percent of the respondents voted for purchasing Amazon-branded computers. The e-commerce giant has a huge base of loyal customer base across the world. 51.7% of the individuals voted in favor of purchasing local coupons and deals. 36.7% of users would purchase prescription drugs.

Other services users voted for were Medical marijuana (29.5%), Pet care services (22.9%), News (21.2%), Ride-sharing services (17.7%), Cybersecurity (16.4%), Virtual doctor visits (16%), Health care coverage (15.3%), Hospitality services (13.1%) and Public transportation (12.8%). However, less than 10% of individuals use Amazon for automotive needs, groceries, or handmade items.

Interestingly the survey comes a few days after the CEO of Binance predicted that Amazon would eventually issue its own currency. The E-commerce giant is already involved in the development of Blockchain technology, late last year Amazon launched its enterprise Blockchain solution called Quantum Ledger Database. The company is also said to have bought the domains amazonbitcoin.com, amazonethereum.com, amazoncryptocurrency.com, and amazoncryptocurrencies.com.

Figures show that Amazon would have to embrace digital currencies, sooner or later, to drive demand. Or, maybe the e-commerce giant may incorporate cryptocurrency as one of the means of payment as it requires less paperwork and is easier, faster and cheaper than traditional payment gateways.

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