SA Police Mistake Crypto Mining Rig as Marijuana Grow Room, Used Destructive Force

On February 10, 2019, Youtube user Rob Butvila shared some extraordinary footage from his home after South Australia Police raid. The officers expected to find and locate the marijuana grow room, but all they found was the up and running cryptocurrency mining rig.

The video clarifies that brutal and destructive force was used to get into the premises without a magistrate issued warrant. The Police left the “Calling CARD” which urged Rob to contact the administration. Once the guy reached them “they hung up when questioned about who pays the damages”.

Rob expressed:

“No appology, not even so much as a phone call, leaving the property unlocked, gates, doors and fence panels removed and broken, property free for the other criminals of society (the ones without badges) to pick over the scraps. these cops messed up.

When the Police got in, they heard the noises of spinning fans and kicked the door expecting to find a marijuana grow room and this is what they found:

Rob said:

“The law has gone too far in Australia, something has to change when a computer warrants a violation of ones privacy and a destruction of property.”


Hayden P.

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast

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