Summary of Findings from 60 Blockchain Landing Pages

Summary of Findings from 60 Blockchain Landing Pages

Are you curious about what the #1 used-word is across landing pages, or how many landing pages use the color white for text? What about the most commonly used call-to-action phrase? Get these questions answered and more on this analysis of the best practices used across blockchain landing pages.

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Feb 13

Photo by Sebastian Grochowicz on Unsplash

Landing pages are a never. ending. struggle.

If you’ve tried optimizing your landing page lately, you know this struggle. If you haven’t, your competitor might beat you to it. That’s likely because over 48% of marketers/companies change their landing page with each new campaign.

Why would marketers and business owners want to change the landing page at such a high frequency? Marketing guru Neil Patel said that landing pages increase and improve conversion rate optimization.

How much thought have you put into your Landing Page this week?

Recently, I compiled data and research on 60 different blockchain Landing Pages from across the industry.

The list includes compaies from across the industry, such as blockchain enterprise solutions (Cypherium), to actual cryptocurrencies (Zcash Blog), to portfolio trackers (Blockfolio).

Across my research of blockchain Landing Pages, there were several emerging trends:

A. The color white: 60% of the landing pages chose the color white for the text, an additional 19% Chose the color black, followed by 8% with blue.

B. “Services” are IN!: The #1 word found across all Landing Pages was… of course… BLOCKCHAIN which appeared in 25% of the Landing Pages.

The word “services” appeared in 17% of all cases. The words “bitcoin” and “Decentralized” both tied for 3rd, appearing in 15% of all Landing Pages.

Tip: try making it personal. The word “you” was appeared in 21.6% of all of the landing pages.

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Photo by Rui Silvestre on Unsplash

C. Call to Action takes advantage of Sign Ups: Over 23% of the included projects used the word “Sign Up” in a call to action button. The second most frequently used call to action word was “Get,” as in “Get Started” or “Get Gifto.

Surprisingly, only 8.3% included a video that was either directly on the landing page, or a video on one of the call to action buttons.

D. Use Active Phrasing: If you are like the 79.3% of companies that use active phrasing on their landing, then you’re not alone. Of course, the words are and is were the two biggest words associated with the passive phrasing. Calling people to action? Maybe you should make your landing page say so with active phrase.

E. Shorter words are more common: 39% of the words used in the landing pages had less than 5 letters. An additional 19.3% of the words had either 6 or 7 letters.

F. Non-difficult words are common: More than 3 out of every 4 words used across landing pages have 3 syllables or less.

That’s all for now!

If you’d like to see the Raw Data sets, or if you want to talk about landing pages or content writing, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

The complete list of companies used in the data include: Abra, Audius, Bakkt, BitAccess, BitOasis, BitPesa, Bitstamp, Blockfolio, Brave, Chronicled Staff, Circle Economy, Civic Coins, COINSUPER Blog (Official),ErisX, Filament, Ampleforth, Harbor, Team Koinex, Korbit, Open Token, Paradex, Ripple, Ripple Netherlands,, StarkWare Industries Staked, Synthetic Mind, Content @ Veem, Xapo, Ankr, Xapo, Zcash Blog, Bloom, Celer Network,, DIRT Protocol, DMarket, Enigma Project, FilecoinAsia, FunFair Technologies, Gifto, Handshake, ICON Foundation, Livepeer / F,, Maecenas

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